Assembly Extrude Cut

The Assembly Cut Extrusions command is used to create cut extrusions through entire assemblies or through selected parts in an assembly. In this example an assembly consisting of multiple stacked plates will be used. An assembly cut extrusion is useful for this part by keeping the intent of the design intact while enabling cut extrusions to be made through only the top and bottom plates.


How to Create an Assembly Cut Extrusion

1. Open an assembly.

2. Select the Activate 2D Sketch button in the Features tab.

3. Click the face to create a sketch on.

4. Create a sketch then click the Deactivate Sketch button in the Features tab.

5. Select the Extrude tool in the Cut (Remove Material) section of the Features tab.

6. Select the previously created sketch as the Sketch and set the Type as Through ALL.

7. Click the Target Instances input box and select the parts to make the extruded cut through.

8. Click the OK button to accept the extruded cuts. Now the two selected parts will be displayed with cuts in the workspace.

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